Since it’s one of the “ber” months now, this story’s just what we need to remind us of the good stuff that’s coming right around the corner.

Because of the pandemic, everyone’s just looking for something to look forward to, so here’s a little treat right off of your screens.

This little girl’s got the best Santa, and her room’s filled with all sorts of toys you could imagine. There were dolls, a telephone, a bike, and a mysterious gold box with a red bow.

The little girl was generous with her appreciation of all the things Santa gave her, bless her little soul. She couldn’t wait to open all of her gifts.

Her mom brought her attention to the gold and red box, but she wanted to open other toys first. So she went to admire a doll, then a pink phone.

Her mom said she found the mysterious box pretty, so the little lady proceeded to check it out, but she got caught up with her new bike.

She must have heard something in the box because she proceeded to open it after a few minutes. She stared as she tried to make out what the gift was.

When she realized it was a puppy, she took a step back and exclaimed, “Oh my pet dog!” The sassy little miss smiled with glee but asked her mom to pick the puppy up.

Mom named the dog Bailey, and this princess was incredibly impressed with what Santa gave them. Santa got them a live one, so that’s one for the books!

She looked so adorably innocent in her printed, leopard-inspired pj’s. Their living room was festive and full of gifts, but the best present for this mom was her little one’s smiles.

Well done, Santa! This year, we hope you bring the same good cheer with you; don’t let this pandemic stop you!

Photo and video credits to Marketta Kirby via YouTube


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