Emerson, a Papillon-Pomeranian mix, endured several years of abuse before he finally went to the loving home he deserves.

According to Annie of Los Angeles-based non-profit animal rescue Bill Foundation, Emerson’s former owners did not seem to have physically abused him, but that doesn’t mean the pooch had never experienced cruelty.

In fact, he suffered something just as horrible; Emerson lived through emotional abuse. He had a home, but he was severely neglected.

The canine’s former owners sometimes starved him—it’s unknown whether it was intentional or if they just forgot to feed him at times.

Emerson never experienced the kindness of a human hand either. Clearly, he was unhappy at home; he ran away several times, going to the shelter each time looking for help. His owners would always pick him up there, and the cycle would begin again.

One day, however, he escaped from home for the last time. Emerson’s owners never went back for him, and that turned out to be the best thing that happened to the dog.

When the shelter got the Pomeranian mix, he was in terrible shape. His eyes showed nothing but fear, and he kept shivering all over.

The extent of the neglect Emerson suffered became apparent when the shelter workers saw that his fur had tangled and knotted together so much that it had caused the skin on one of his legs to peel right off the flesh. The limb had even begun to necrotize.

The doctors had to amputate that leg completely, but Annie remarks with a smile that Emerson “bounced back” soon after the surgery.

Three months later, at his new home with a loving fur mom called Michaela, the Pomeranian mix does not even look like the same dog who came to the shelter, shaking in fear.

Emerson’s big, brown eyes now reflect contentment and happiness, and he has become a fun-loving canine who loves running around as if he’s not missing one limb. He’s also made a bunch of furry friends, including dogs and donkeys.

Despite his painful past, Emerson has bloomed into an affectionate, playful, and trusting pooch. “That’s the beauty about dogs,” Michaela says.

Watch the cute little canine enjoy the sunshine in his new home here:

Source: The Pet Collective Cares on YouTube


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