Thom and Melissa Lambert certainly had their hands full with caring for their three rambunctious kids, with ages ranging from 3 to 8. Melissa was initially skeptical of the thought of getting a dog, seeing it as an additional burden for her and her husband.

However, Thom met a charming 4-year-old Coonhound named Edgar, who once lived on the streets and was viewed by some shelters as unadoptable. After much discussions and debates, the Lamberts finally adopted the homely pup and brought him home to live with them.

Edgar proved to be quite the lazy dog, often lounging around and dozing off around the house. The family learned he was pretty affectionate and loving, spending plenty of quality playtime with the children. To their surprise, the former ‘unadoptable’ dog became a beloved member of their household.

Several months later, a terrifying experience shook the entire family to their core. They attended an out-of-town funeral and arrived back home at around 1:20 a.m. on April 28. Everybody quickly settled down to sleep, with Edgar staying in Thom and Melissa’s room.

A couple of hours later, their laid-back and lazy pup suddenly transformed into a fierce and protective dog, practically losing his mind barking like mad. Edgar’s unexpected shift to high alert mode concerned Thom, mostly since he couldn’t calm the agitated dog. That’s when he heard the strange noise that made his blood run cold.

Footsteps echoed across the kitchen floor downstairs, causing Thom to dash down the stairs to catch the perpetrator. He saw both the kitchen window and door were opened, which were previously locked before they went to bed. Fearing the worst, he grabbed a couple of knives and headed upstairs to check on his wife and children.

Thankfully, the kids were still sleeping peacefully in bed. He woke them up and ushered them inside the master bedroom. With his family safe, he went and checked every room inside their house while he called 911.

When the police arrived, they were amazed that their family dog scared off the intruder. All they saw was a lazy dog sleeping on the floor, without a care in the world. But Thom knew otherwise.

Edgar knew how to protect his family, and that night, he managed to save them from a possible tragic outcome. He was a genuinely heroic dog.

Photos courtesy of Thom Lambert via Facebook


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