An indoor party is not really a party without a good game of Jenga. If you played the game at least once in your life, then you know precisely just how challenging acing the game is.

But if you’re a four-legged brown Labrador with exceptional hidden skills in Jenga, then conquering the game is just a walk in the park.

This particular five-month-old puppy, Remington or lovingly called Remy, had taken the internet world by storm when she unexpectedly showcased her talent in the strategical game on one of her owner’s house party. Ashley Agapiou invited her friends over for a March Madness party.

She stacked a giant Jenga set in a room, but with a big basketball game ongoing, everyone was all hooked in the TV. Well, that was until Remy pawed one of the bottom Jenga blocks.

Ashley was not entirely interested with the game herself, so instead of fixing her eyes on the TV, she just watched Remy.

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She noticed how curious the pooch was with the Jenga blocks, so she started filming the moment. Suddenly, Remy clawed a bottom Jenga block.

This move instantly caught everybody’s attention. Of course, they all expected the tower to tumble down. One of Ashley’s friends even moved closer to the tower to catch the blocks just in case.

But lo and behold, everybody was left in awe when Remy, with one swift and skillful move, loosened the block from the tower and freed it with her mouth!

The tower did shake a little but continued to stand firm. At that moment, everybody couldn’t help but cheer at how exceptionally skillful the pup is at the game.

For a dog who doesn’t have any previous experience with human games. Remy knows how to play Jenga, this pup is quite good! To be honest, Remy is even more talented at Jenga than most of us!

Remy then left the room with her well-earned Jenga block. Watch this Jenga master in action here.

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