Many dog owners can attest that canines are attention-seekers.

They love it when everyone in the room notices them and gives them all the treats and cuddles a good doggo deserves. One such pooch hails from Utah and goes by the name Chewy.

Chewy is an adorable black Labrador who is known as a friendly and affectionate pup. He is typically a well-behaved mutt, but this time around, he managed to get the spotlight at an upshernish he was attending. The event was intended to celebrate the day that a three-year-old boy first gets his haircut.

The upshernish is a tradition in the Jewish community, so naturally, a Rabbi was invited to the occasion. Rabbi Benny Zippel was the one called to the affair as it was also for his friend’s grandson. The day of the upshernish also happens to be a month before the Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

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Since it was a tradition to blow the shofar, or most commonly known as a ram’s horn, every day before the New Year, Rabbi Benny also had the honors to blow it at the upshernish.

He was in the middle of demonstrating the proper blowing of the horn, when all of a sudden, a furry pooch wanders into the scene.

It was Chewy! The horn sounded much like a dog’s howling that he might have misinterpreted the sound as a calling. So naturally, being a descendant of the wolf, Chewy joined in on the howl and pitched in his little yelps as well.

The Rabbi wasn’t expecting the accompaniment at all that he stopped his demo to look at the little mutt. Everybody burst in laughter at the sudden dog show right in front of them. The Rabbi said that it wasn’t staged at all, and the pooch did it all by himself.

Oh, Chewy! You are such an attention-seeker, alright! Watch his hilarious stunt here.

Courtesy of CNewsOrg


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