A little bit of kindness can go a long way. For us, our small gestures may mean nothing. But to the less fortunate that have next to nothing, it could mean a world of difference.

This also applies to our dogs. Of course, they don’t have their own money, and they are fully dependent on us for their needs and wants.

This is why one of the first questions one should ask before adopting a dog is: am I financially ready to take care of another soul?

Let’s get real here, adopting a dog is a big responsibility and our love for these furballs isn’t enough to keep them alive and happy.

So to dogs who have no means to make their own lives comfortable or to put themselves at a better chance of surviving.

Even the smallest act of kindness would mean the world to them. A very good example is what this kind woman did to a stray dog in Zonguldak, Turkey.

The woman in the video that went viral is Duygu Elma. She stepped out of a shopping center on a cold and dark day.

Minding her own business when she spotted this black and white stray dog that was balled up at the sidewalk. The poor pup was obviously trying to keep himself warm.

Elma opened her Umbrella and was ready to go, but she couldn’t just leave the poor pup on the streets and defenseless against the cold weather.

As soon as she takes her first step, she halted and stared at the cold canine who was curled up into a ball.

She put her umbrella down and whipped out the scarf that she was wearing that day. She opened it up so that it would act as a blanket and laid it on top of the grateful dog, and Elma went on her way.

Little did she know that security cameras caught her kind act and a friend of hers identified her. The video has 1.6M views on Facebook; see it below.

Credits: CUBC News


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