Fleas are parasites that siphon off blood from animals or humans that they have attached themselves to. They do not have wings, but they can quickly jump from one host to another. Once they have found a cozy host, they live off by sucking the blood and leave itchy bites on the skin.

Fleas can rapidly multiply at the rate of 30 eggs per day – ready to suck some more blood and find other hosts nearby. It can find a home in the carpets, or furniture while waiting for a live creature to feast on.

Here are suggestions to keep fleas away from you and your dog.

Apply a flea preventive solution

Apply a monthly flea preventive solution which can be bought over the counter. It is a topical solution applied to the skin of the dog and is effective for a month. This product is said to be quite useful in killing and repelling fleas.

Flea collar

Flea collars are also used to fend off fleas. They are useful, but they tend to kill fleas only near the neck and the head but not so much in other parts of the dog’s body. Hence, its effect is limited.

Dog flea powder and flea spray

Dog flea powder and spray are also effective safeguards against the minute parasites. It is sprayed all over the body of the dog and is proven to be useful in its job. Although the effect may not be long term, it is still a big help in keeping the dog flea-free.  

Keep the doghouse and other areas cleansweeping, the court, brush

A clean space is not appealing to fleas. So, keep the doghouse and other areas clean, especially those where your dog frequently stays. Wash the dog house and its vicinity regularly especially during warm days. This will make the place inhospitable to fleas.

Vacuum your home

Inside your home, vacuum the carpets, furniture and other parts of the house as frequently as possible. Do this especially if your pet stays inside the house. Focus on the favorite spots of your dog. If you can, use a flea collar with the vacuum cleaner. These will keep the fleas from nesting and kill any eggs on the carpet.

Bathe your pet dog regularly

Bathe your pet dog regularly using an anti-flea shampoo to exterminate the bugs. The shampoo takes effect after the bath. Some experts though don’t advise using the “flea dip,” a leave-on shampoo because the dog can lick and ingest the chemical. You can ask your vet before using the flea-dip, in case you want to try it.

There are many chemical-based anti-flea products being offered for you to choose from. It is advisable to use only one solution at a time. All these products have strong chemicals and exposing your pet to more than one could bring more harm than good to your dog’s health. Also, always follow the instructions when using a product.

Special care must be considered when giving these products to puppies. Puppies are still sensitive and anti-flea products must be given with care. It is always good to ask first the advice of your veterinarian.

Wash your pet’s things regularly

Always keep your pet’s things clean and inhospitable to fleas by washing them frequently. To be more confident that they are free of any unwanted organisms, wash them in hot water.

Use foggers and sprays

Use foggers and sprays to make places inhospitable to fleas. It will deprive them of a place where they can lay their eggs on so they will not get to multiply. However, they must be carefully used because these products are also chemical-based. Instructions must be strictly followed.

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