Every fur parent knows how trainable dogs can be. Whatever skill you choose to teach them, our canine pals can quickly grasp and put them into action, especially when the need for such talent arises.

Thus, it’s not unusual to find an adorable dog devising an ingenious strategy to escape from its dog cage. By the looks of it, the dog only needed to open the lock for it to taste freedom.

Let me out, please.

In this short yet entertaining video, a spotted dog sits inside a cage. At first, you’ll think there’s nothing unusual going on.

However, the pooch soon stands and saunters towards the cage door. It even sniffs on the flooring as if the dog’s investigating something.

But, while you’re still speculating as to what the dog’s up to, it soon starts pawing at the gate’s latch. Even if it produced a racket, the pooch carries on with the task.

Oops, let me try this strategy.

By the looks of it, this smart dog devised an ingenious strategy to let itself out from the cage without relying on its fur parents. All the pooch needed to do was find a way to get its limbs through the tiny openings to reach the lock.

At first, it seems this smart idea’s working as the dog carries on with pawing at the latch. But, when it deciphered that its current strategy’s not feasible, the dog quickly revises its plan.

Without further ado, the dog squeezes its paw through the tiny openings of the cage to push on the handle. The smart pooch then uses a sweeping motion to push the latch towards the side.

Do you think plan number two worked? You’ll never know if you don’t watch the full video in the link below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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