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Valia Orfanidou is no stranger to taking care of dogs. She first had a chance to engage in this kind of work when she volunteered for a dog organization whose goal is to help stray and hungry dogs. From then on, she decided to devote all her time and energy to this cause.

In her capacity, Orfanidou becomes a foster parent to pets as she houses some of these homeless dogs. Orfanidou, one day, saw a picture of a skinny and hairless dog. While the photo left her heartbroken, she knew from then that she had to do something to help the pooch.

There were inhibitions on the part of Orfanidou. For one, the dog was in bad shape, and even if she decides to take the dog under her care, the pooch will not survive. While doubtful, Orfanidou still offered her help.

Orfanidou brought the dog to a nearby veterinary clinic. The veterinarian checked on the dog to make sure there are no other issues that need to be addressed. After examining, the veterinarian gave assurance that the dog can make a full recovery regardless of the dog’s condition.

In an interview, Orfanidou mentioned that when she heard what the veterinarian said, she laughed. The reason for this is that the dog was in bad condition, and anyone would think that he will not survive.

Though she had doubts, Orfanidou listened to what the veterinarian said. She took Billy home and bathed him. Afterward, she treated the dog’s wounds. While at first, she was impatient with the dog’s recovery, Orfanidou took it one step at a time. She gave Billy the needed medication and food supplements to hasten the recovery.

Billy’s condition improved in a short period. When the dog made a full recovery, Billy blossomed into a beautiful pooch. Orfanidou was very thankful that she did not give up on Billy. She said that there were several reasons to stop, but what pushed her through was her love for Billy.

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