Pet parents shouldn’t leave their precious pups and kittens alone in their car.

There have been a lot of unfortunate events circling the internet regarding pets left in the vehicle, most of which involve car damages, heatstroke, and even death.

Fortunately, these dog parents from the Bay Area in California didn’t exactly experience a colossal tragedy when they left their pooch in the car for a mere minute. In fact, they even had a good laugh about it.

Duke and his parents seemed to be going out for a stroll in their 2001 Mercedes-Benz S-Class that day. However, the couple went back inside the house and left the poor pup alone in the car. Duke, being the bustling pup that he is, couldn’t just wait around for his parents to come back.

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That was when he devised a plan to get his parent’s attention so they would come back immediately. He wiggled his way into the driver’s seat, and while he was at it, his leash managed to get knotted around the gear stick.

This made the car go neutral and back up the driveway until the golden Sedan bumped into a neighbor’s retaining wall. Everything was witnessed by the owners of the damaged wall themselves, Jim and Janie Black.

When they got out of their home to investigate, they found the smiling pup wagging their tails at them through the windshield.

Aside from a wrecked wall and a smashed garbage can, everything was perfectly okay, including the joy-riding doggo himself. Duke was not even remotely remorseful for what he did. He also looked like he enjoyed his mini driving lesson!

While it isn’t known what happened after the hilarious incident, this just proves to show that dogs and cars are a definitely terrible combination. Just look at his adorably charming face here.

Courtesy of @KatieKPIX


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