There are two surefire ways to create an online viral video. One is to feature dogs doing silly things. Number two is to feature babies being cute.

Dogs have a huge online following. Dog parents hail from all parts of the globe, and you’ll easily amass views. Even casual dog admirers can’t help but click on a video promising a few minutes of adorable canine antics. This means virality in just a few days.

Meanwhile, babies don’t miss when it comes to tugging at people’s heartstrings. Anyone who says they hate babies is either lying or is the devil himself. Yes, babies can easily charm viewers.

If you combine babies and dogs, then you’ve uncovered the secret of online video virality. Our featured video has done this trick. And we must say the strategy’s a complete success.

The dog featured in this video is a cuddly husky. His name is Milpert. This dog’s a huge creature but acts like he’s tiny, which is adorable to see.

Meanwhile, the baby in this video is probably just over a year old. He goes by the name Parker. This baby has a plump face that looks like it’s about to burst out crying any moment.

And that’s what he does–cry. The baby in the video is a cry baby. But not the annoying kind.

He cries and somehow remains cute. And when Parker and Milpert lie in bed together, with the dog trying to comfort the baby, we can’t help but gush over the sweetness of it all. We can’t even blame Milpert even when he does not succeed at comforting Parker.

Small babies next to humungous doggos are a sight to behold. We want to see more of this kind of content. With all the bad things happening around the world, we need all the cuteness we can get.

Thanks to milperthusky


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