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Raven, an adorable Tamskan Husky, was once a lonely puppy looking for a best friend. Christina, her mom, decided to visit a shelter in Lubbock, Texas, so that Raven could choose a best friend for herself.

Christina wanted Raven to be friends with a kitten. However, she wasn’t going to be the one to pick a friend for Raven.

When they were at the shelter, Christina let her cute husky choose from four different kittens. One by one, the kittens were brought into a room. The shelter staff and Christina observed how Raven and each kitten would interact.

Some of the kittens weren’t interested in Raven, but when she was introduced to Woodhouse the cat, everything changed. Raven was thrilled to find a perfect friend.

After they had brief encounter, the bond between Raven and Woodhouse grew stronger. There was an instant spark between them. Christina decided to bring Woodhouse home, and she made the right decision.

Raven and Woodhouse the cat became the best of friends. While it was an unusual friendship, Raven and Woodhouse proved that cats and dogs could be friends too.

Their friendship became stronger as they grew. They never got tired of playing tag, celebrating birthdays together, and sleeping side by side.

When thees two were young, Raven and Woodhouse would snuggle with each other. Raven might appear to be bigger than Woodhouse, but they still get along very well.

This sweet cat isn’t afraid to bond with her big sister. Their friendship doesn’t have any boundaries. They didn’t seem to mind their differences as they love to be around each other. There were many things that Raven and Woodhouse would never get tired of doing together.

One of the many stereotypes about cats and dogs is that they can’t be friends. Raven and Woodhouse put this rumor to rest. They may not be alike, but they managed to establish a strong relationship.

Video Source: My Pets via YouTube


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