Joe Sullivan chose the rural Mississippi home as his new home because he wanted to stay away from the busy, fast-paced environment he used to live in.

Since Joe and his family lived in the middle of nowhere where dogs rarely walk around, he was surprised when he found an injured pup on his front porch.

When Joe took a closer look at the black dog, he noticed how severely hurt she was.

As soon as Joe wrapped the injured dog in a blanket, and picked her up, she relaxed and instantly nuzzled her head onto her savior’s shoulders.

Stray Dog Shows Up At Family's House And Stays Forever

This sick stray dog wandered up to a random family's house — and it ended up being the BEST decision 💕

Posted by The Dodo on Saturday, September 9, 2017

Joe immediately loaded the dog in his car and rushed her to an animal hospital in Ripley, Mississippi.  As soon as Joe and the badly beaten-up dog arrived at the Animal Clinic of Tippa County, the doctors thoroughly examined the dog.

Aside from having worms and severe dehydration, the doctors found that the dog had a fractured hip and suffered nerve damage. They believed that the dog was hit by an overspeeding car.

The doctors treated the dog for worms and gave her IV fluids for much-needed hydration. Joe and the vets did not know what the dog’s life previously was, but it was a miracle that she survived it all.

After the dog managed to recover a little bit, the veterinarians called Joe to ask him what to call her.  Since Betsy was the only name that popped out of Joe’s head, he decided to name her that.

Joe was so heartbroken that Betsy had to endure all the pain she felt alone. Joe was determined to give Betsy a better life, despite the hefty medical expenses that came along with her.

Luckily, Betsy wandered off to Joe’s house and received the assistance she needed. Joe not only helped Betsey get better by shouldering her vet fees, but he also gave her a home.
Source: The Dodo via Facebook


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