Three Australian hikers were enjoying the wilderness at a national park when they hear loud splashing noises.

The group, which consisted of a couple and the woman’s father, decided to investigate. Following the sound, they discovered a large pool of freezing water nearby and saw an animal holding on to a rock. It was trying really hard not to completely fall inside.

One of the hikers said that at first, they thought it was a platypus or a small kangaroo. What they found instead was a large dog. All of them knew that there was no way that the dog could survive if she stays there. And although they were not sure if she was wild or domesticated, they decided to help her get out.


With caution, the trio went down to the bank of the pool and slowly approached the dog. They got one of their ropes and made a leash. They then put it on the dog’s neck and pulled her out. And although the dog was friendly with them, she was not willing to go with them.

As soon as she was out, they took the leash off her. She then lumbered towards a bushy area teeming with plants. The hikers realized that the area was inhospitable, and they couldn’t leave the dog there. They wanted to take her out of the park and bring her to a shelter. Maybe they can find who owns her.

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They tried to coax the dog to follow them, but it refused to move. They used the leash again and tried leading her out of the bushy area. She followed a bit, with some pushing behind her, but she decided to stop completely.

One of the men had an idea. He went back to the car and retrieved a large canvas bag. Using their rope and some large sticks, they made a makeshift hammock. They placed the dog inside and carried her to their car.

Once outside the forest, the dog got into their car wagging her tail in happiness. They took her home, posted pictures on Facebook, and barely half an hour after, someone messaged them. They were able to confirm that the dog belonged to him.

Apparently, she got lost several days before and spent countless hours every day looking for her. Thankfully, the two have been reunited.

Source: Stories of Animals via Youtube


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