There are many cute and hilarious dog stories. They make us happy just by reading about them. However, every once in a while, we are also heartbroken to hear about horrific dog stories. Good thing, many of these stories get a happy ending, just like that of Elijah’s.

Andi Davis was about half a mile on her hike along Phoenix’s deserted trail. Suddenly, she saw a black and white pit bull, with the dog’s head pressed against a rock and had some bullet wounds. Despite her fear and hesitation, Davis took courage and approached the dog. She knew that she had to help him the moment the dog lifted his head when she tried to give him water.

Andi Davis was out for a hike on an abandoned trail in the Arizona mountains when she came across a dog very close to…

Posted by Dogfancast on Monday, October 28, 2013


Bretta Nelson, Arizona Humane Society spokesperson, said that Davis tried her best to keep the dog’s spirits up while carrying the 47-pound dog down the hill. She kept telling him that everything will be okay, hoping that the dog will understand her and continue fighting for his life. She made a few stops to give him a drink and got right back on her way.

Despite being fit, it took her an hour and aching arms just to bring the dog to safety. Carrying a dog for that long wasn’t easy. Davis was shaking because of the dog’s weight. Regardless of that, she still kept going just to save the poor dog.

Posted by Arizona Humane Society on Tuesday, December 24, 2013


The dog has bullet in his neck and bullet fragments close to his spinal cord. He also has an open abdominal wound. Fortunately, he was able to recover.

The Davis family also decided to take the dog home and named him Elijah. The dog has since enjoyed being part of the Davis family. He lives with the Davis family’s three other dogs. He has also found a new best friend in Jessie, Davis’ daughter.

Credit: Dogfancast, Arizona Humane Society



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