Let’s be honest – thousands of years ago, humans decided to domesticate animals to make them help with work.

Companionship is also up there on one of top reasons why we domesticated animals, but helping with work is most probably the top reason. What we didn’t know is how much they could love us, humans.

Nowadays, pet dogs are adopted for companionship more than for work. Although, there are still some who are adopted and raised to help people with their jobs.

Especially in the countryside and other rural areas. A dog’s companionship is only a secondary purpose to these people.

Almost all people on this planet love dogs, and this is the primary reason why dogs live life like kings. Don’t you dare deny it.
You spoil your dog as much as you can because you love them so much – working dog or not, they are the same lovable furballs, and we want nothing but the best for them.

Aside from being our occasional rescuers and our 24/7 guardians, sometimes dogs take on jobs that might take us by surprise – like shoveling snow.

We know it’s a ridiculous idea but remember, anything can be called impossible only until somebody does it.

Guess what?

Somebody already did it. The thoughtful dog’s name is Rossi, a fox red Labrador retriever who decided to pitch in for his human mom, Emily Marschok.

They both live in Boston, and during this time, snow has piled up in the parking lot where Marschok’s car is parked. Marschok was cleaning her car when she noticed that Rossi, picked up the shovel and started shoveling snow, all on his own.

She was surprised but was still able to take out her phone and record the amazing feat by her pup. We weren’t sure if Rossi was very effective in shoveling snow, but it doesn’t matter. It’s the thought that counts.

Video credit: The Daily Buzz via Youtube

Thank you Huffpost for sharing this.


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