It’s always sad to see puppies being surrendered in shelters because their humans are unable to care for them anymore. This is especially true for puppies with disabilities. It’s not uncommon for people to surrender puppies to shelters if the puppies have disabilities, such as a missing leg.

A man named Thom McCallum.

Decided to adopt a nurturing and loving rescue dog named Ruby.  Thom then heard about a special puppy named Pi was surrendered at a rescue shelter, he didn’t hesitate to apply to foster little Pi. Thom knew that his dog, Ruby, would do a great job helping him foster little Pi.

When Thom picked up Pi from the rescue.

He then brought Ruby along to meet Pi. Ruby was so enthusiastic about Pi that Ruby immediately started making friends with the tiny puppy.Pi has four other siblings that were surrendered to the shelter. Pi was born with a missing leg, which made her special.

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Thom and Ruby first brought Pi home.

Both of them were eager to help Pi out and show her around. Pi needed time to adjust to her new world, they both did their best to give Pi some space. Pi was shy and exhausted on her first day, and Pi also didn’t know what to make of Ruby.

Ruby would try to come near Pi, and Pi was a little shy that she would walk away. Fortunately, Ruby was very patient and would give Pi as much time as she needs to adjust. After a few days of living in Thom’s home, Pi started warming up to Ruby and also to Thom.

Pi started playing with dog toys.

Then she also started cuddling with Ruby. Ruby was a wonderful foster sibling to Pi. Ruby helped Pi feel at home, and Ruby also showed Pi how to be a dog. It only took a few days for Pi to start wanting to do everything that Ruby does.

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It was in a matter of days.

Pi and Ruby became inseparable. Pi even learned to climb the stairs. Pi and Ruby love each other so much.  Thom also felt smitten seeing Ruby and Pi cuddling together. However, Thom also felt heartbroken when the time came to separate Pi and Ruby when Pi gets adopted.

That’s when Thom had an idea.

Thom knew that people in his neighborhood would love to adopt a dog named Pi. Thom made posters of Pi and posted it around his neighborhood. Thom was hoping that someone near his home would adopt Pi so that Ruby and Pi would still see each other.

After a week.

The young couple that just moved into the neighborhood saw the poster and asked Thom about Pi. The couple already had a three-legged dog and was wanting to adopt another one. Pi seemed like the perfect fit, and the couple fell in love with Pi.

What’s more, was that the couple lived only a couple blocks away from Thom’s home, which means that he can bring Ruby over to play and vice versa. Pi is such a lucky puppy to have such an amazing foster dad and doggie sibling.

Although Thom was sad to see Pi go, he’s also happy that Pi finally has a forever home with the perfect family to care for her. Here’s a heartwarming video showing Pi’s journey to find her forever home and how her foster dad did everything to find her the perfect family.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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