Dogs are considered by many as the most loving and affectionate animal on the planet. They are known to be loyal and faithful towards their humans. However, dogs can also feel the same towards other animals not from their species.

This is the story of Tinni, a fun-loving 4-year-old German Shepherd, and an abandoned baby fox. Tinni belongs to Trogier Berge, a Norwegian photographer. One day, they were walking through the woods last summer when they came face to face with a baby fox.

The fox was still young and immediately took a liking to the big dog. Tinni and the fox became friends and spent the whole afternoon playing. They were running around for hours and nuzzling one another. The bond between the two animals grew. Berge later named the fox Sniffer and eventually became a part of Berge and Tinni’s afternoon walk. Both the dog and the fox are together every single day.

Berge, being the photographer that he is, started taking pictures of the two adorable friends. Indeed the friendship is unique, and he feels that he should document and share it to the rest of the world. Berge posted the photos on his Facebook page and soon became viral. Also, he also wrote a book about the two best friends in hopes of educating people of the fur trade industry.

The book includes photographs of Tinni and Sniffer playing, cuddling and resting together. What a great friendship.

Watch the clip below and witness the friendship these two animals shared.


What an incredible story of friendship.

If you watch the video, you can see and feel the amazing closeness these two friends share. The story just shows us how gentle, friendly and loving dogs can be.

Thanks to Berges for sharing these wonderful photos and videos of your dog Tinni and Sniffer the fox.

Source Berit Helberg via YouTube


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