Betty is a rescue kitten who refused to connect with humans. But thanks to Truvy, a gentle yellow Labrador, Betty is now a happy kitty who’s more confident of herself.

Betty the kitty

Betty was only five weeks old when she first came in at Jelly’s Place, an animal shelter based in California. Betty was a grumpy and hissy kitten. She didn’t want anyone to come near her at all. The shelter staff figured that Betty must have come from a feral cat colony and most likely never had any human contact.

The shelter decided to put Betty under Kendal Benken’s care. Kendal is a volunteer at Jelly’s Place, and she’s handled a lot of foster cases. Kendal took in the challenge of caring for Betty and prepare her for adoption. Fortunately, Kendal has the best buddy to help her with this task: a yellow Labrador named Truvy.

Truvy wins Betty’s trust

Kendal admits that winning Betty’s trust was not easy, but Truvy made it possible. Truvy and another rescue dog would visit Betty in her crate quite often. Betty was hissy at first, But Truvy did not mind. The gentle dog seemed to be more fascinated than annoyed with the newcomer.

Truvy adores kittens, and Betty is lucky to be at the receiving end of the dog’s affection. Truvy may be massive in size, but she’s such a gentle dog. She enjoys licking Betty every chance she gets. Truvy even sleeps outside Betty’s crate to keep the little feline company.

Betty has been getting lots of love and attention from her doggie best friend that she learned to step out of her shell. She shed away her fears and inhibitions and showed her playful and sweet personality. Soon enough, Betty was ready to find her forever home.

Kendal and Truvy found it hard to give Betty up because they’ve grown attached to the kitten. But they’re happy that Betty has found a family who will love her. Thanks to Truvy’s nurturing personality, Betty now has the chance to live a good life.

Thanks to Jelly’s Place


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