Dogs can be wonderfully loyal and unselfish not just to their human friends, but also to their furry buddies. Lilica, a junkyard dog, is a great example.

Lilica is one of the several animals living in Neila Vaina Antonio’s junkyard in São Carlos, Brazil. Besides Lilica, other dogs, cats, chickens, and even a mule make up Neila’s motley animal family.

Lilica was abandoned in the scrapyard when she was a mere puppy, and the owner decided to adopt her like all the other animals instead of turning her away. All Neila could provide was shelter and her love, however. There simply wasn’t enough food for all of them.

One day, Lilica got pregnant and gave birth to eight healthy puppies. Whatever resources the animals were getting by with stretched even thinner. Hence, the dog took it upon herself to look for food not just for herself and her babies, but also for everybody else.

There was no food to be had nearby, so the persistent Lilica walked for miles every night to look for scraps. Lucia Helena de Souza, a schoolteacher, chanced upon the dog on one of her nightly walks.

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Seeing that Lilica looked like a hungry stray, Lucia gave her a bag of food. But the mutt took only a few bites before picking up the bag and walking away.

For a few nights, Lucia would watch the mutt eat a bit before leaving with the bag in her mouth. Then she decided to follow the dog.

Lucia discovered that most of the food she was giving Lilica was actually intended for the other animals living in the junkyard. Touched, Lucia promised to provide her with food every day.

For years, Lucia and Lilica followed their established routine—Lucia would go out of her house at 9:00 pm and wait for the dog, and Lilica would walk four miles from the junkyard to see her.

Even after her puppies went to new homes, Lilica continued seeing the kind woman. Lucia says she deliberately does stay away from home for too long because she knows the dog and the rest of the scrapyard animals rely on her.

Watch Lilica in action here:

Source: Did You Know Animals? on YouTube


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