It’s not a secret that dogs are smart and loyal. These cute creatures will always have your back and most dog owners also do the same.

Fur parents will go to great lengths to keep their beloved animal companions healthy. This is why one pet owner did everything he could to save his pet. Little did he know that he will also get a sweet surprise in return.

On January 16, 2021, Russell Jones posted a video of both him and his faithful lurcher, Billy limping as they went inside their home. Russell broke his ankle and had to walk in a crutch. The cause of Billy’s limp was unknown.

Like most fur parents, he was concerned about Billy and took him to a vet. The vet did a thorough search on the lurcher but couldn’t find anything wrong. Billy had an x-ray, was checked for corns, and even had his fur shaved off!

Russell was determined to find the cure for his faithful pet. He went to several veterinarians and spent a whooping £300, but the vets were baffled as nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

The 8-year-old lurcher’s fur parents got suspicious as Billy did not limp whenever his dad wasn’t around. They decided to send Billy to Russell’s mom to see if he’ll get better.

Billy immediately got better. In fact, he went back to his energetic antics and was running around her home. He wasn’t limping at all!

They realized that the dog was showing his support for his dad by faking a limp. He did not want his fur dad to feel alone. His sweet act of solidarity touched not only his parents’ hearts but the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

How have your dogs shown their loyalty and support to you? Has Billy’s thoughtfulness touched your heart?

Source:  Russell Jones via Facebook


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