If you’ve ever owned cats and dogs together under one roof, you’d know that they sometimes can get into a game of “Whose bed does this belong to?” You might think that dogs would be the angry ones while the cats would be timid. But most of the time, it’s the other way around. Cats tend to be the bossy ones while the big dogs act like babies.

If you don’t believe this, then see watch this hilarious video and see for yourself.

As seen in the video, a  Golden Retriever comes into the living room, looking forward to taking his much-needed nap. He goes straight to his big, soft, and fluffy bed. But along the way, he instantly smells something odd. He hurriedly runs over to his bed, only to find the cat lying cozily in it.

The cat then looks up at him as if saying, “Get lost dog!” Of course, the dog was not pleased with an intruder in his bed. He starts walking around the bed and continually huffs to show that he is not impressed.

The dog continues to pant while he circles the bed, waiting for the cat to just kindly give it up. He even barks at her. But no matter what the pooch does, the cat seems to have no plans in giving up the bed.

Now, what does a dog do next when the cat doesn’t want to listen? Ask help from his human.

So the dog looks at his human filming the ordeal. You can notice that he is asking for a helping hand. But when his human just continues to record the video, he decides to get a little more aggressive with the cat. He decides to get real bold and flips half of the bed over.

But still, the cat doesn’t want to cooperate and would rather enjoy his cozy snuggle in the bed. Poor dog!

Curious as to how this adorable ordeal ended? Watch what both the dog and cat did in the funny video below.

Source: Funny Dog Bailey via Youtube


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