Dog videos are going viral because they are always fun to watch. A good example of this is the video attached below, which is a compilation of dogs that are unintentionally making fun of themselves. These hilarious moments are caught on cam, and they are not scripted or practiced. That is one of the reasons this vid is immediately becoming a favorite among viewers.

Dogs are funny

This video below features dogs that are not actually trying to make a fool of themselves but are just failing in what they are trying to achieve and the result is so hilarious. Just watch each dog in the video fail at its task and wait for its reactions when it finally realizes what’s happening – you will be laughing so hard. Indeed, watching dogs unintentionally make fun of themselves is way better than anything else.

Meet funny dogs around the world

After watching these adorable dogs in the compilation video above, it is guaranteed that you will be smiling all day. This is normal as each one of the million viewers of this video felt the same way. We all can’t help but smile and even laugh hard at the hilarious reactions of these beautiful furballs upon realizing that they have failed and made a fool of themselves.

The best part about this video is that it shows a different side of dogs. We all know dogs to be protective and at times fierce when they recognize danger. We finally see the lighter part of them in this video and how we love them for that. They are such wonderful pets that can make us smile and laugh, thereby make our days better. Such positivity that we get from dogs is very important, thus we need to treasure our dogs.

Mai PM via Youtube


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