About a week ago, the Riverside County Department of Animal Services was alerted about an Australian cattle dog in Coachella, California, who found its head lodged inside a spare tire.

All of the team immediately responded thankfully to free the three-month-old pup, who now rolls with a new adorable nickname.

All the rescuers shared how the operation went on their Twitter account. According to the rescuers, they then initially tried to oil the head of the puppy and attempted to slide it out. However, the dog’s neck area had already swollen. So, their plan did not work.


Then the officials explained on their press release that it is a common tactic to use cooking oil to lubricate animals that are caught in precarious situations.

Because the first method did not work, the officers sedated the pup for it to calm down. Then, they asked for reinforcement from the Riverside County Fire Department.

The firefighters quickly responded and brought the dog together with the tire to a safe place. Then, they used a power tool called Sawzall to cut the wheel and provide enough space for the puppy to be freed.

Thankfully, the little pooch, which the rescuers called “Wheelie Pup,” got rescued within minutes. After that, the dog immediately ate some food.


The animal services posted an update on Twitter as soon as the dog got freed. They also thanked the fire department for their assistance.

The pup stayed with the animal services overnight to rest and be under observation. Then, the puppy will be returned to her rightful owners, who seemed to be the ones who reported the incident.

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services provides lots of pet services. That includes licensing, education, and adoption. According to them, that eventful day of rescuing the dog that was trapped in the rim was strange, scary, and also exhilarating.

Credit: RivCO Animal Services


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