Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many nations have placed a lockdown on their cities. Our movements are limited and timed. This meant spending most of our waking hours at home, either doing work or spending time with the family.

This sounds great at the start, but when you are cooped up inside for months, it gets kind of boring. To entertain ourselves, we develop new hobbies or skills. And as it turned out, even dogs have joined in on the action.

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Most dog owners teach their dogs more traditional tricks. But for Kiara’s owners, this is not enough. Mathias Bernsteen, a member of the Beachvolley Kings, a Norwegian team, decided to practice his skills with two other team members. But it seemed that playing with an odd number wasn’t any good.

They didn’t have any other players near them that can come regularly. The only one available was Mathias’ dog, Kiara. She was an active dog that loves to play games, so they thought, why not?

It took some patience, but they finally taught her how to play. First, they had to teach her how to hit the ball with her snout. To do this, two people passed the ball to one another, with Kiara between them. Occasionally, they would direct the ball towards the dog. With a lot of practice, Kiara eventually learned how to hit the ball right.

When they were confident that Kiara knew enough, it was time to play the game. Mathias and Kiara formed one team, while the two other players formed another. Kiara was so good that they even had a mini-rally of getting the ball to the other side. Kiara would set Mathias up, and he would volley it over the net.

In fact, it seemed that the dog plays the game better than many other people. Hopefully, he gets even better, and maybe, just maybe, she can officially become a member of the team.

Source: Beachvolley Kings via Youtube


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