Most people love taking care of pets. Everyone’s willing to spend some time with their beloved pets, even just for a little while. However, among all animals, dogs are the most popular pet must-haves.

Despite this fact, not everyone has a big heart to welcome a senior dog. With the elder dogs’ relatively short lifespans, most people opt to adopt a puppy or a dog in their early childhood years.

But, the moment a senior dog in Thailand learns about his impending adoption, he cannot contain his joy and starts to make his celebratory moves.

Is there someone willing to adopt me?

Somewhere in Thailand, Soi Dog Foundation came across a dog who’s afflicted with severe skin disease. And, to make matters worse, the pooch’s coat came tangled and matted all over. As such, the shelter staff took care of him and eventually named him Dreadlock.

But, ever since Dreadlock’s arrival at the shelter, not one person decided to adopt him. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into years, but still, no one dared to open their homes to Dreadlock.

Despite all these, Dreadlock continued to become an adorable and loving dog. The pooch readily accepts cuddles any time of the day, and even goes out for walks with the staff. But, it’s evident that Dreadlock badly wants a family to love him unconditionally.

Really? I’m getting adopted.

Four long years passed by in a blink. Dreadlock already reached the tenth year of life, but still, no person turned up to whisk him away from the shelter.

However, the day finally came for Dreadlock to receive his much-awaited good news. One of the volunteers named Darren approached Dreadlock’s kennel, brimming with excitement. Darren’s eager to see how the pooch would take in the good news.

As soon as Dreadlock heard the good news, he started doing his “happy dance,” jumping up and down like a pogo stick. He even engaged Darren in a game to show how happy he truly is.

Not every dog is as lucky as Dreadlock. But, after watching Dreadlock’s celebratory dance in the video below, for sure, you’ll decide to adopt a senior dog right off the bat. More Storys

Video Credit: Soi Dog Foundation via YouTube


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