Has the thought of your dog cuddling your baby occurred to you? Probably, but you may be adamant in leaving it alone with your child.

If that is the case, look at the video below. See how wonderful it would be to have a dog with your baby. The compilation shows a bunch of babies and dogs having the time of their lives together. It seems that babies are not the only bunch of joys that parents can have but also dogs!

Babies and dogs are perfect together

Watch this compilation video of dogs and babies that are having the laughs of their lives. The protective senses of dogs seemed to show in these videos as they try to entertain and take care of the babies in the video. This is what it is going to be like if you get a dog and a baby in one room together.

Babies and dogs are bundles of joys

Some parents get a dog and train them like a family member, a sort of a son or daughter. So when a baby comes out, they become big brothers and sisters.

That is probably the reason why they are very protective of babies and care so much about them. Four-legged friends are naturals when it comes to entertaining babies.

Just like the ones you have seen in the video, babies and dogs are the bundles of happiness in every household. They spread the smiles and laughter every time they do something innocently funny or even naughty.

Whether trained or not, dogs can entertain kids in a way that is so sweet and lovely to watch. Having both a baby and a dog in one room will always end up to laughter and happiness because that is just simply what they do.

Pew Baby via Youtube


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