A Ravaging wildfire spread across Northern California last November.

The wildfire leveled 15,000 homes in its wake, displacing thousands of families, and hundreds of pet animals they have. Some of them ran away during the chaos and got lost in the forest.

One of them is Kingston, an Akita dog who leaped out of his family’s truck when they were escaping the wildfire. Kingston is 12 years old and his human dad, Gabriel Ballejos was worried sick about him.

A senior dog in a wildfire with no one to get help from is a  pretty bad situation to be in.

Akitas are known to be protective of people, and they are independent thinking. We can only theorize as to what made Kingston jump out of the truck.

I think it probably has something to do with their personality. Ballejos stated that he couldn’t help but cry when they were told that someone had found Kingston.

Kingston has been rescued by a local rescue group, Friends of Camp Fire Cats. The group has received reports of sightings of a large dog in the area, and they decided to set up a trap big enough for the towering pup.

A day later, Kingston has been rescued.

The rescue group contacted Ballejos about Kingston, and they rushed to collect him. Gabriel’s daughter, Maleah, said the Kingston stinks like a skunk.

He probably ate skunks to survive in the forest before he was rescued. Ballejos said that Kingston had shown the world that he is a survivor.

His perseverance embodies the American spirit  the spirit that continues to fight even during tough times such as what they are going through now.

The Friends of Camp Fire Cats were very busy after the wildfire as they are aware that hundreds of pets were lost during the catastrophe.

Video credit: ABC10 via Youtube

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