Time seems to slow down whenever one’s waiting. It is as if every second tick slowly, seemingly lasting an eternity. However, not everyone is patient and willing enough to wait.

For animals living in rescue shelters, time is crucial. Every year that passes by is a chance lost at a better life. Most people who opt to adopt rescued dogs look for the younger ones. For them, senior dogs are not as impressive in contrast to the young ones.

Awaiting for my forever master

In a rescue shelter in Hawaii, one of its residents lived out most of her life there. This dog, whose name was Pirate, became part of it for seven years. She would look at the visitors with longing eyes, silently begging them to take her home.

Sadly, however, these people only felt astonished at Pirate’s resilience. They marveled at the thought that a dog can wait for so long ‘til she gets adopted.

Jennifer comes to the rescue.

It seems that Pirate will live out her entire life in the shelter until a military woman came into the picture. Jennifer Hoyt, together with her husband, settled in Hawaii when the military stationed them there.

While she browsed over the websites, looking for animal shelters she can volunteer in; she came across Oahu SPCA’s website. She thought, maybe she could take a look at some of the dogs in the shelter.

Pirate finally finds her forever parent.

Eventually, Jennifer came across Pirate’s photo. She immediately fell in love with her. She cannot wait any longer to go out and meet this incredible dog.

The next day, Jennifer went to the shelter. She immediately asked for Pirate, which astonished the shelter workers. However, they still led her towards Pirate’s cage.

The moment she saw the dog, she immediately wanted to take her home. Later that night, she brought a soft bed and toy for Pirate. That little moment eventually led the dog to trust Jennifer.

Pirate’s finally out of the shelter!

As the military couple did not have a permanent home yet, they have to wait for two months before they bring Pirate home. It did not hinder Jennifer in the slightest.

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Every single day, she would visit the dog and spend time with her. On days that the shelter’s closed, the staff would gladly let her in and allow her to stay with Pirate the entire day.

Finally, the time came for Jennifer to bring Pirate to their new home. Upon entering the house, it is as if the dog transformed into a completely different individual.

Special thanks to our friends at Pets and Cuteness Blog for sharing this story to us.

Source: The Dodo Faith = Restored via YouTube


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