Al Cooper is a retiree and a regular golfer at Cedar Creek Golf Course for quite some time now. Along with him in the Minnesota golf course is his Bernese Mountain dog named Davos.

He admitted that during the game, he gets lazy to pick-up golf balls from the grass or somewhere far to search, so this faithful and diligent pooch does the job for Al.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are alert, and good natured, and like challenges. They’re naturally working dogs that work best as household companions as they have this instinct to guard and do some physical work. They’re also known to love learning new things, which makes them easier to train!

Davos is a dynamic dog who’s excellent in bringing back the things he picks up. It came to a point where Davos gathered so many, including the golf balls from other golfers! It gave Al an idea to sell those golf balls to the other golfers for a lower price of 25 cents each. Initially.

Al used the collected money to purchase dog food, treats, and vet expenses since Davos did all the hard work.

One day, a commercial from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA, broke the heart of Davos. It featured abused animals, and it triggered a sad reaction from Al’s beloved pet.

Al shared that Davos would cry whenever he sees commercials like that. Al decided to donate the funds to the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society since then.

Just recently, Al Cooper and Davos handed over a $100 bill to the shelter, and it’s such an inspiring moment to watch.

Davos may not be able to speak, but this dog overflows with love and kindness. His impressive skills to pick-up items paved the way for him to have a deeper purpose — by helping other dogs in need!

Source: KARE 11


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