Cats and Dogs Have a love Hate Relationship:

It is a known fact among a lot of people that cats and dogs have almost always a love-and-hate relationship with each other. In several TV shows like Tom and Jerry, CatDog, Rugrats, Mr. Bean, among others. Cats and dogs have unique traits which make them at odds with each other.

Dogs are universally known and inclined to be friendlier, while cats are described as more reserved, Despite these differences.

For some pet lovers and home owners still opt to adopt both cat and dog into their homes at the same time. For some, it is a successful bet, but for others. This means disaster yet in a cute way.

In this Video Uploaded by a YouTube User

The cat showed the dog, later named was Herby, trying to take back his bed from his cat housemate, Herp. But the feline did not positively respond to the canine’s assertion and instead ignored him.

Herby tried again for several attempts

But all his efforts were deemed futile as the orange fur ball had no plans of giving back the bed to its rightful owner.

The pup, later on, tried to seek help from his owner, who was busy filming the video, still to no avail.

It is such an epic but a cute fail. Similar videos and photos, meanwhile, were also uploaded in the past.

For instance, this video of a tough pit bull named Ziva showed how hard she tried to remove an elderly feline, Azrael, on her bed.

But just like Herby, the pit bull also miserably failed as the cat just looked blankly at her and eventually ignored her.

Here in a Twitter post, Fido, the golden retriever, trying so hard in winning his bed back from this bully of a cat.
Who by the way spread his entire body on the couch. Seemingly showing dominance over a bigger animal than him.

This 10-week-old French Bulldog, likewise, tried his luck in reclaiming what is rightly his, but the cat showed no remorse nor empathy at all.

Thank you Mashable SE Asia for being the source of this story.



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