Key is a lovable Husky who loves biscuits. Every time his owner asks him to do a trick, he makes sure that she will give him some “bikkies” first. Whenever a biscuit is promised, he will do as he was told.

One day, a visitor came over. And how he loves visitors! Key especially loves showing off — he will sing whenever an ad is being played on TV, he will be all chatty, and he will demo his toys. After some hours of attention seeking, he finally settled down while his mistress is having a nice chat with her girlfriends.

One of the visitors turned her attention to Key. “Your bum’s fat,” she said, nudging Key’s cute behind, “you got big bum.”

Key looks at her like “Am I hearing this right?” Key let out a howl-slash-growl of indignation.

“Yes, you do!” the visitor said, “You. Are. Fat!” This girlfriend is rather amused at annoying the astounded canine. “Too many bikkies,” she adds.

Key can’t believe what an annoying, rude, and unpleasant this visitor has become! Not to mention telling him to lay off on his bikkies! This is so absurd. Key tells her exactly what was on her mind by looking at her beneath his eyelids. If only looks could kill!

“You gotta fat butt,” the lady eggs on, “Lay off on the bikkies.”

What a bully! Key let out a throaty whine as if saying, “I’m not fat, it’s all fluff!” and to prove his point, he jumped up and tried to wedge himself on the tiny space between the sofa and the radiator.

“I’m not fat!” he seemed to say, as he got one leg stuck on an armrest while trying to retain his balance and push himself into the tiny space.

Watch this crazy dog here:

Source: K’eyush The Stunt Dog via YouTube



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