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This Papillon mix named Josie is not a typical puppy. As a result of a tragic past and regrettable circumstances, the dog’s life expectancy is low. Josie is now 12 weeks old, and according to her doctor, Josie is only expected to live for a year.

The reason why Josie has a low life expectancy is that she has an abnormal heart rate. If not addressed the soonest possible time, this condition would lead to the demise of the dog. But fortunately, volunteers from the Carthage Humane Society in Missouri refuses to give up on the adorable dog.

The staff started a donation drive for the dog’s possible surgery to extend her life. Chelsey Klamm said the animal shelter usually has a budget for this kind of surgery. But due to the effect of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the shelter’s resources are now depleted.

Despite this, the volunteers are still upbeat that they will be able to afford Josie’s surgery. With the donation drive currently rolling, Chelsey and her team are hopeful that they will generate enough funds for Josie’s surgery.

In a social media post, the shelter asked their followers to give Josie a chance at life by donating for the dog’s surgery. In the post, it mentioned that the surgery would likely cost between $5,000 and $6,500. A few days later, the shelter has already received $1,500 from different donors.

According to Chelsey, she knows that they will soon hit or even surpass the needed money for Josie’s transplant with this development. Chelsey is so thankful for the outpouring of kindness from other people from all walks of life.

Aside from the monetary help, Chelsey and her group are likewise thankful for the emotional support that many people provide them. For Chelsey, if not for these people, they do not know where to draw courage from.

Credits to Pawsome Talk.


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