It was late at night, and a Portland, Connecticut family was deep in their sleep when suddenly something unusual happened.

The Brousseau family’s dog named Duke jumped onto the bed and started shaking abruptly as if he was trying to alert the couple to something.

This was not the kind of behavior that the couple would expect from Duke. Duke was a rescue dog. He was adopted six years ago and was a wonderfully obedient and disciplined dog. At first, the couple tried to get Duke off their bed and get back to sleep, but the dog was persistent with his odd behavior.

When Duke kept on acting strangely the owners felt that there must be something seriously wrong and the dog is probably trying to warn them about something.

The realization made the couple immediately get out of their bed and check up on their 9-week old daughter Harper. Harper was lying in her crib but was not showing any signs of breathing and movement.

The owners straightaway called for an ambulance. In the meanwhile, the couple tried to get Harper to breathe again by continually patting her back. A few minutes later, Harper started breathing again to the couple’s relief.

The paramedic’s staff arrived, and Harper was taken to the hospital to make sure that everything was alright with her.

The bizarre behavior of the dog was not without reason. Duke had instinctively noticed something wrong with the baby and alerted the owners in time.

It was because of Duke that Harper’s parents woke up in time to get her the medical attention that she needed. The baby was able to survive because of Duke.

Duke, before adoption, had a history of being transferred from shelter to shelter. There was a time when it was decided that Duke should be put down.

But then the Brousseau family adopted Duke. Duke was also able to reciprocate by helping them save their baby’s life just in the nick of time.

Here is a video about the whole story.

Source: Did You Know Animals? via Youtube


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