One energetic little dog named Edna plays so hard, she needs to sleep most of the day. Edna also loves going to daycare every day, and has found that napping on the other dogs at daycare is a great way to catch some sleep!

Little Edna has been attending doggy daycare in Michigan since she was a puppy. Edna’s owner says the adorable dog arrives at daycare and plays really enthusiastically for the first three hours.

Then Edna needs to take a nap. Finding a comfortable spot to nap in at the daycare can be challenging, so Edna finds a fluffy dog to flop on for naptime.

Edna does not discriminate when it comes to finding a napping spot. Edna doesn’t care if the dog is big, or not; she will nap on them! Luckily, most of the daycare dogs don’t seem to mind Edna climbing on them when it’s nap time.

Edna started napping on other dogs when she was just a tiny puppy, but now that she’s bigger, Edna’s owners worried she would bother the other dogs at the daycare. But, Brianna Gottfried, whose family owns Edna, said most of the dogs enjoy Edna’s company, even the tiny dogs.

At Edna’s end of a fun day at doggy daycare, the funny dog is usually somewhere asleep on one of her doggy friends.

Brianna said when it’s time to leave daycare, she always has to find Edna and then peel her off a dog. Brianna said it takes a bit of effort to wake Edna up and convince her it’s time to go home.

Brianna said Edna loves doggy daycare so much; she gives it her all when she first arrives. When she grows tired of her energetic playing.

Edna absolutely has to take a nap. No one is sure why Edna loves sleeping on top of other dogs so much!

Credits: Brianna Gottfried Instagram


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