A dog’s tongue is used for more than just tasting food. Since canines don’t have pores like most mammals, their body is prone to overheating when temperatures rise. To avoid overheating, dogs usually “pant.” Panting is when dogs stick out their tongue and salivate, allowing heat from their body to dissipate through their saliva.

But the most common use of a dog’s tongue is kissing. Yes, dogs kiss through licking. That is why when you own a dog and you take good care of it, you’ll find that your dog licks you more than you’d care to think. Aside from the slobbery aftermath, dogs lick to show you how much they love you.

While dogs lick us to show us their love, what happens if we try to lick them back? Will they understand that we love them too? Well, wonder no more. The featured video below will show you how a dog reacts if you ever try to lick them back.

The dog in the featured video is a loving Pug. He loves his human so much that he can’t help but kiss his dad. And so, the Pug proceeds to lick his dad’s face several times.

But just when the dog thinks everything is okay, his dad tries licking him back. Surprisingly, while dogs express love by licking, they do not seem to want to be licked back at all. The Pug in the video does his best to evade his dad’s kisses by looking away.

The adorable dog even puts his paw against his dad’s face to stop him from kissing him. It’s as if the dog is disgusted by his dad’s slobbery kisses. Well, that’s a dog for you! Dogs will always be dogs, but we love them all the same.

Watch the dog’s hilarious reaction to his owner trying to lick him back in the video below.

Source RM Videos via Youtube


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