Memo Roa grew up from a closely-knit family in Bogota, Colombia. As a young child, he already manifested an intense love for dogs. He would walk and train his neighbors’ pooches.

Life was good In Columbia for years. Memo fell in love, tied the knot, and had children.

Then, mafia violence became a common occurrence. This situation compelled him to flee the country together with his family in June 1999 and start anew in The Big Apple.

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Canine lover Memo worked at a deli. One day, his conversation with his wife made him realize his love for working with furry animals. Upon her urging, he earned a certification course in Dog Training in 2013.

Memo continued to work at the specialty store where he met a customer named June Bleich. One day, June brought her chocolate Labrador by the name of Molly. She asked Memo to train her in English, which he did.

When Memo and his trainee were together, he spoke to her in his native language, which is Spanish. Surprisingly, his doggie became a natural bilingual.

June knew what potential value Molly could have to society, so she had her earn a certificate as a therapy dog. This brown-colored canine now works with Memo at the New York City’s Covenant House. This organization provides services to young mothers and the abused, abandoned, homeless, and trafficked young people.

Molly can understand Spanish, which makes her more endearing to this community since most of them are Spanish-speaking. Communicating is just effortless.

Many residents feel isolated because of their traumatic past, and visits by Molly is life-changing. Dogs make nonjudgemental, loving, and caring companions no human can replicate.

Knowing that a pooch listens and understands brings out positivity and hope. When a person feels acknowledged, life gets better in many aspects.

Source: CBS New York via YouTube


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