Dogs often have the best maternal instincts, and it’s not only the female ones but the male dogs too. You may have already read and watched videos of dogs adopting and protecting baby animals and even a dog that nursed a human toddler in Chile!

I think dogs are much better mothers than some humans do. So read the story below and be amazed at the dog’s ability to adopt cute baby ducklings. That’s right it’s not just one baby duckling, but it’s over 200 ducklings all in all.

What’s more, the dog is a HE. He is a male dog, and he seems to enjoy watching over the baby ducklings. Dug the dog likes to protect the ducklings and be around them.

Watch the video clip below for the heartwarming story. Be amazed by his patience and dedication while doing his daddy duties.

If you notice some of the ducklings are so comfortable with the dog around them. The ducklings continued on their business while Dug was looking at them. He even let them get into his tail. Not once did he barked or snapped at the curious ducklings. What a great dog Dug is.

I’m sure those ducklings will feel secured with their adoptive daddy protecting them.

Dogs are incredible animals. They can show love and care not only to their species but to other animals as well. They can form unusual friendship not only with humans but to other animals as well. This goes to shows that by nature, dogs are caring and affectionate animals.

We are sharing this video in the hopes that people will be aware of the cruelty done to animals particularly to dogs. Our four-legged friends love us unconditionally and would give their lives willingly to save the people they love. They deserved to be loved, to be treated with respect.
We hope the video would show people how gentle dogs can be. They are indeed man’s greatest friend.

Source 50 Ducks In A Hot Tub via YouTube


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