Water slides are so much fun. Everyone loves them. If somebody told you they do not get what’s the fuss about water slides, that’s most likely because they are wussies.

Careening down a water slide is the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing free fall without jumping off a plane with a parachute on your back. And it’s important to note that the latter option would surely cost you an arm and a leg.

And should that parachute fail to work, the whole thing might literally cost you an arm and a leg, or worse, your life.

So better stick with water slides. These contraptions are safe, and you don’t have to be some rich dude from Silicon Valley to experience it. Even dogs can afford to enjoy water slides.

Take, for example, the dog in our featured video. He loves water slides so much he can’t wait for his turn. Please watch the video below and see what we are talking about.

The dog in the video is named Milo. He’s a happy dog that likes doing happy things. That includes going down water slides again and again.

Milo is so into this activity that he can’t wait for his turn. And, no, he won’t wait for his turn. As soon as he’s landed at the bottom of the water slide, he’s ready to climb up again.

Yes, Milo does not care if there are kids on his way. He’s determined to cut lines if only to get his water slide fix as soon as possible. Thankfully for Milo, the kids he’s playing with are quite tolerant of his behavior.

Those kids don’t mind if Milo happens to be a legit water slide hogger. They are willing to let the dog have his way. They even find Milo’s eagerness quite endearing.

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