While many of us are now opting to adopt shelter dogs rather than buy one from a breeder, there are still lots of shelter dogs that get returned because of bad behavior. These dogs can’t seem to find the loving home that they deserved and kept getting taken back to the shelter. This situation happened to a Pit Bull named Mr. Breakfast.

Mr. Breakfast has already been adopted multiple times only to be returned to the shelter. The main reason why was his behavior. Mr. Breakfast was rescued from dogfighting and has since had several surgeries and medical treatments. Although Mr. Breakfast looked quite scary on the outside, he’s a lovable and cuddly dog on the inside.

Mr. Breakfast was eventually adopted by a woman named Liz Nowell who discovered why Mr. Breakfast was acting the way he did. It turns out that Mr. Breakfast was completely deaf and the people who adopted him didn’t understand why he was behaving badly or doesn’t follow any verbal commands. Liz knew that she needed to be patient and understanding towards Mr. Breakfast and she also knew that behind that badly-behaving dog is a lovable goof.

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Thanks to Liz, Mr. Breakfast’s world became richer and better. People even started to see past his rough-looking exterior and give him plenty of love. Mr. Breakfast even learned to surf, which eventually became one of his favorite activities.

Despite his past, Mr. Breakfast is the happiest, friendliest, and most loving dog according to his mom. Mr. Breakfast loves being around kids and he’s also very patient and tolerant. Nowadays, Mr. Breakfast still loves going to the beach and hop on the surfboard but he now prefers lounging and cuddling with Liz.

It’s hard to believe that Mr. Breakfast came from such a horrible past. Despite being a victim of dogfighting, he’s still a happy dog that never fails to make everyone around him smile. Here’s a heartwarming video showing how Mr. Breakfast found the perfect forever home.

Video Source GeoBeats Animals via YouTube


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