Dogs possess the ability to melt even the hardest of hearts by just becoming their selves. They do not need to put on a mask or take on another personality to interact with different people.

But, do you ever wonder what these animals think the moment their owners catch them red-handed?

Will you forgive me?

Our canine friends can do almost anything that they can think off. They seem to resemble toddlers in this aspect. Whatever they set their minds on, they make sure they get it. It doesn’t matter what means they use, so long as they can achieve their goal.

It might be the case for a dog who went viral over YouTube. Anthony Granai, an Italian national, scolds his pet dog Ettore. Though his owner did not record the mischief he’s done, the guilt on his face clearly shows through.

Ettore does his best to plead for Anthony’s forgiveness. Though the dog did not whine or whimper, he does the best thing any dog can do to convince their humans.

I am sorry boss, will you still forgive me?

As Anthony continually scolds the poor dog, Ettore eventually climbs up his owner’s lap. After making short eye contact with him, the lab burrows his head against Anthony’s chest, clearly indicating his guilt. Not relenting with the dog’s pity act, Anthony still scolds him.

Take a look at Ettore’s pleading act in this video.

It seems that Ettore hasn’t fully received his owner’s forgiveness in the video. Surely, with his pleading eyes and constant nudging, Anthony would’ve yielded already.

Whether the two made up already is still a mystery for those who viewed the video. Hopefully,  the owner and dog patched up their differences and burned the bridges behind, figuratively speaking.

Thank you so much, Rumble, for giving us a glimpse of this incredibly cheesy story.

Video credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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