Did you ever really wonder what your pets do at home whenever you’re at work? A technology called Ring gave insightful answers to that question, and this dad found out what his dog did while he’s away.

His pet’s called a Goldendoodle, and he named her Bella. The pooch is left pretty much by herself whenever he’s at work, and we could just imagine how lonely it could get for the dog sometimes.

Staying inside a house all by yourself every day couldn’t be a great feeling, but this doggo endured. So when she heard daddy’s voice on Ring, she got really excited.

Bella ran from the kitchen, searching for her hooman. She expected him to be home early, but he was nowhere to be seen.

The pup found it weird because she could clearly hear her dad’s voice in the house, but she couldn’t find him. Dogs don’t understand technology just yet.

Despite that, Bella was stoked to hear her dad’s voice. After a couple of detective work, Bella saw dad on the Ring app. She immediately proceeded to give her hooman generous kisses.

Dad found his pet’s actions amusing and heartwarming. He told her that he’d be home soon, and Bella moved her face away from the app to really look at dad.

This was something new, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched if we said that this furball half expected her dad to magically appear beside her.

Bella’s adorable features, curly hair, eyes, and nose were all magnified by Ring’s lense. It made her appear more adorable and oh-so-eager to see dad.

There’s nothing like a pet who would welcome you after a long day at work, so we bet these two had a chill evening when dad arrived.

Bella couldn’t ask about the miracle she witnessed, but she’s smart. Now she knows that she sees her dad even when he’s away, and that’s all that mattered.

Credits to Ring via YouTube


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