When we think of Bali, most of us would think about majestic white sand beaches, wonderful tropical weather, and friendly people.

Bali is considered as one of the premier tourist destinations in the world, and a lot of foreign nations fall in love with Bali. However, Bali is also known for its stray dog problem.

A woman named Maelle fell in love with Bali and decided to move to Bali with her boyfriend. However, they didn’t expect to meet a stray puppy that changed everything in their lives. While Maelle and her boyfriend were exploring their new hometown, they both saw a tiny puppy on the side of the road.

The puppy, who was later named Ika, almost had no hair, emaciated, and had mange. Maelle and her boyfriend took pity on Ika, and they both decided to stop. As soon as the scooter stopped, little Ika walked towards Maelle, and Maelle immediately fell in love with the tiny and fragile puppy.

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Maelle and her boyfriend nursed Ika back to health.

After a few weeks, Ika started gaining weight, grew stronger, and even grew back her fur. Ika eventually became the first of the many rescue dogs that Maelle and her boyfriend adopted.

Maelle and her boyfriend soon realized that there were so many strays in Bali that needs help. Maelle started feeding a pack of stray dogs in her street.

Also most of the stray dogs were wild and didn’t want to be touched, except one of the dogs that Maelle named Dobbie, was friendly, and Maelle was able to take Dobbie to the veterinarian.

Dobbie had a skin disease.

Maelle needed to give her a medicated bathing once every week. And within weeks, Dobbie made a full recovery thanks to Maelle’s dedication. Eventually, Maelle also adopted Dobbie.

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After a couple of years.

Maelle and her boyfriend adopted another puppy that they named Coco. Now, Maelle has a pack of rescue dogs in her home that she calls The Bali Squad.

Maelle didn’t expect to be rescuing stray dogs when she first came to Bali. However, after meeting and rescuing Ika, Maelle and her boyfriend experienced the joy of rescuing strays and how it made their lives more fulfilled.

Maelle and her boyfriend are very happy that they’re making a difference in the lives of the stray dogs in Bali. They’re continuing to work rescuing as many stray dogs as they can and also finding them a forever home with loving families.

Here’s a heartwarming video of how a couple fell in love adopting and rescuing stray dogs in their new home in Bali.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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