Sara, the corgi, was pregnant when the shelter called No Dog Left Behind Minnesota rescued her from a puppy farm.

At that time, Sara had already given birth to lots of litters. However, her owners decided to abandon her because they said that she was a “bad mom.” After giving birth at the shelter, though, her rescuers confirmed that this was not true at all.

Stephanie Easley, a shelter volunteer, said that from the very beginning, Sara had been nothing but an amazing mother. She was very loving and kept checking on her puppies.

She would even allow her foster family to hold her puppies and checks on them once they put them back in the pool.

Posted by No Dog Left Behind – Minnesota Canine Rescue on Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Recently, a litter of pitbull puppies was discovered in an abandoned building. The shelter took them in and tried to give them the best care possible.

The staff started to bottle-feed them, but they were still very young and fragile that they needed more specialized care. Because of Sara’s motherly instinct, the rescue’s director thought that she would be the perfect choice to do the delicate job.

The shelter staff handed the four tiny puppies to Sara, hoping that they would have the best possible chance to survive under her care. They were unsure if this would work.

However, the moment Sara met them, she immediately knew what she needed to do. Sara took over all the mom responsibilities for the orphaned pooches in addition to her own little puppies.

Posted by No Dog Left Behind – Minnesota Canine Rescue on Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Just like her own litter, Sara nurses cleans and cares for her adopted puppies. Meanwhile, her original pups, who are older and bigger, seem to have fully accepted their new siblings too. The baby corgis treat the pitties very gently. It is like they have always been a family.

Sadly, one of the orphaned puppies was too weak to make it. However, the other three are doing well and getting bigger by the day.

That is all thanks to Sara’s motherly love and instincts. Sara will continue looking after them until it is time for them to find their forever families.

Credit: No Dog Left Behind – Minnesota Canine Rescue


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