They’re fluffy, and they know it. These puppies know how to work the adorable meter to their full advantage. Picture a gang of furry hooligans, making their way to the beach.

We’ll let the photos and the video help you imagine how it’s like.

Pets day-off

What happens when pets go to the beach? A lot would say that water activities top the list. They’re not wrong, but for these puppies, they’ve got a preference.

Hot sand spa, anyone? These rascals swear by it. Judging from how they look, this experience gives pure bliss.

This one seems like it buried itself in the sand, and off it went to dreamland.

Where’s this? Won’t the sand get in your airways, though? Never mind, it looks like the least of your worries, pup!

We don’t need more convincing, take our money, and let’s go!

That looks cozy and warm. We know that hot treatments bring healing properties, but we didn’t think it also brought the best out of furry animals.

This one looks like it’s ready for bed, and its human mom’s about to read a bedtime story. Aww, doggo! That face of yours, we’d love to squish!

The water appeals to one of the corgis, and it shows off its swimming skills. Excellent job, little rascal!

After that swim, a warm sand spa’s just what you need. Your brothers enjoyed it, and we think you will too. Your mom already thinks you’re adorable, so off you go.

We’re picking up preferences here. The chows prefer the hot sand treatment, while the corgis prefer the water. We respect that, and we’re glad you guys find life exciting.

Don’t the rascals look like a bunch of stuffed animals in the sand, though? This level of cuteness causes an extreme heart workout, so consider yourself warned.

Photo and video credit to Kritter Klub via YouTube


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