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On a regular day for Jenny and Jimmy, an ill-gotten stray puppy is seen on the streets. The puppy seemed as though it had infections and worms.

After a closer inspection, Jenny noticed he also had a fever. The puppy was in such a poor state that they decide to nurse him back to health at their chimpanzee facility.

When they got there, they instantly bathed him and treated him to essential IV fluids to treat his dehydration. The puppy seems to be in the starvation state hence the couple deciding not to feed him too much to avoid further problems.

Road to recovery

After a few days, the dog is named Snafu. The couple seems to notice some significant changes in Snafu including his hair getting healthier, and him seeming more active.

This comes as a surprise to them considering a few of their failed attempts with past rescued dogs. They still remain hopeful.

Luckily for Snafu, he wakes up with brighter eyes and legs straightened out, ready to jog excitedly. Jenny says that this could be Snafu’s turn for the better.

Chimpanzee daycare

Since Jenny and Jimmy are co-founders of the Liberia Chimp Rescue and Protection, it wouldn’t take long before the chimps would notice Snafu. They instantly felt comfortable with him and gave him lots of care and hugs.

A few months later, Snafu looked like a brand new dog. He still loves to play with the chimpanzees and treats them like family. They soon discover that Snafu is a girl.

New horizons

With Snafu fully recovered, the couple wanted her to find a forever home. The situation prompted them to bring the dog from Liberia to Colorado to live with Jenny’s nieces.

Jenny explains that Snafu was pretty much dead before they rescued her. Now, she is in a place where she’s loved and cared for every single day. Her story inspires many and proves that there is always hope. They are proud to say that Snafu is a survivor.

Watch the incredible story below:

Video from The Dodo via Youtube


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