Doctor’s appointments are not exactly like a trip to Disneyland or the amusement park, it’s not the most fun place to be after all. A scheduled trip to the hospital can be really nerve-wracking and not something that we actually look forward to.

We get anxious going for consultations with our doctors, the same goes for our furry friends, particularly Sadie. The Black Labrador Retriever is not a fan of vets; she would get too anxious that test results end up being irregular.

It was not always like this for Sadie, when she joined Kaeley Simek’s family when she was just a year old, she would not mind visiting the vets for checkups. It was only when she had her first shots that she started disliking these appointments.

The mutt loves riding in the car but would immediately get uneasy when she recognizes that they’re on their way to the vets. Sadie’s stress gets worse and worse every time, Kaeley knew she had to do something; she had to for the sake of her rescue’s health.

Kaeley started to look around for a veterinarian who would help Sadie conquer her fear. It wasn’t an easy task; she had to sift through reviews and comments from other patients to find the perfect doctor that would accept and work with Sadie’s apprehensions. Come autumn of 2019, Kaeley knew she had found the right vet for Sadie.

Dr. Noah of Noah’s Ark, a vet clinic in Sherwood, Wisconsin, is not your usual veterinarian. Dr. Noah does not don a white coat on appointments so as not to trigger the dog’s anxiety. The Clinic in itself has a homey feel to it, which for Kaeley is perfect for her beloved Labrador.

Their first meeting wasn’t a walk in the park for Sadie, she was visibly uneasy. Kaeley explained Sadie’s anxieties to Dr. Noah; this is when she learned about the doctor’s secret trick. Pulling out his guitar, Dr. Noah started singing to Sadie and as if a switch flipped inside of her, midway through the song, she ended up on the floor kissing the doctor. He was able to administer two shots Sadie needed that day.

Sadie still has a long way from totally being comfortable with the vet, but Dr. Noah takes his time to sit down with her and sings to Sadie every appointment. Dr. Noah’s big heart is helping Sadie conquer her fear. She now looks forward to their weekly appointments for her dose of serenade.

Source: The Dodo


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