If you haven’t heard of corgis, then you are missing out on life, friend. These pups are some of the cutest fur babies you will ever see. Not only that, but they also have become extremely popular because Queen Elizabeth II herself, have pet Corgis at the Buckingham Palace.

In this video, however, their close relative, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, is the star. The short clip has several corgi puppies as the star, along with a toy pig that served as a tool for them to practice their herding skills. Yes, you’ve read that right. Corgis are cute, but they have more to offer than just good looks.

Believe it or not, they were actually bred to help Welsh farmers bred cattle and sheep, and just like any other herding dog, they have to practice while they are still puppies.

The fur parents of this litter thought of allowing their babies to practice herding a toy pig, and the result is one of the cutest dog videos on the internet.

This toy pig is battery operated, and not only does it walk, but it makes a sound just like a real pig. On top of these, its tail is wiggling every time it makes that “oink” sound.

The first time the pups heard the toy pig make a sound, they were spooked! They didn’t want anything to do with the pink creature.

Moments later, they became curious about the pig. One of the puppies was extremely apprehensive of the piggy and kept on barking at it.

But when he realized that the toy pig was not a threat, that same puppy started gnawing at the pig’s tail. Perhaps this particular puppy will be the best herder of the litter.

Unfortunately, since the toy pig is an inanimate object, it wouldn’t listen to their barks. But at least they get the necessary basic training while they are still young.

These pups will surely be some of the best herders after a couple of years. For now, we’ll just enjoy their cuteness and innocence.

Credits: Fujavic


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