“The Thing” is a 1982 film about an alien parasite which controls other species. While in disguise, it kills its hapless victims.

A group of people tries to subdue this threat but realizes that anyone could be The Thing, and they feel extreme paranoia. Instead of uniting together to eliminate the alien, they distance themselves from one another, fearing that their neighbor might be possessed.

Smart and cunning, the Thing takes on the appearance of a harmless Husky, and he was taken in by a man who works with sled dogs.

A film buff decided to spend his weekend watching this Sci-Fi Horror flick and is amused to see his two Bulldogs eager to watch the movie with him. As the film progresses, the Thing imitates a Husky and is led to a kennel by an unsuspecting human. The Husky-Thing hesitates when he sees the fenced dogs inside.

At this point, one of the Bulldogs sat near the TV screen, anticipating what happens next. Maybe he is fervently praying that the possessed Husky will not enter the enclosure and harm the others. He must warn the other dogs onscreen!

“Go ahead,” the unsuspecting man on TV said, prodded the alien dog to enter the kennel, “Go ahead, what are you waiting for?” The Bulldog began barking at the TV screen, hoping to scare the Husky-Thing away. The other Bulldog stayed on the sofa and whines in fear.

The two pets watched the scene unfold: the alien Husky enters the kennel, steadily. He selects a spot in the middle of the enclosure and lays down, watching the other dogs.

The pets began to bark frantically in hopes of raising the alarm for the other dogs in the cage; telling them that the newcomer is not what he seems to be. Then the dreaded scene begins — the Husky transforms into its real self, growing tentacles and spidery legs.

How do you think the Bulldogs reacted? Watch the scene here (spoiler alert!):

Source: Elvis and Khaleesi via YouTube




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