Teaching your basic pup tricks at an early age establishes a connection between the two of you and a level of obedience for the pooch.

But training him how to sit and stay is not always as easy as it looks. Dogs are easily distracted and can immediately go from obedient to wild.

One such pooch is this adorable bustling Boxer. Actually, it isn’t a problem if Molly gets distracted every once in a while. However, this time, it was just too hilarious not to ignore her sudden outburst!

You see, Molly was competing for a beginner obedience competition near her home in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Everything was going well in the beginning. The charming Boxer was even in the running for the first place.

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However, all her efforts went downhill when the Sit/Stay portion came up. Molly might have overheard from the crowd that she was one of the first-place candidates. She became too excited to finish the part that she went all out and misbehaved!

His misbehavior was pretty hilarious, though. And thankfully, the whole ruckus was caught on camera. In the short clip, the judge can be seen getting ready with pen in hand.

When she signaled Molly’s handler to start, she told the Boxer to stay and then walked to the other end of the room, a few feet from the pooch. Molly obediently stays seated in her spot. After a few seconds, her handler calls out, “Front,” which was Molly’s cue to walk to her handler and look up at her.

However, when Molly heard the signal, instead of walking to her human, she excitedly pranced! She then jumped in circles and looked all merry. The spectators couldn’t help but laugh at her sudden misbehavior.

Her handler was noticeably holding back her laugh as well. When she gave out another “front” command, Molly finally did her thing and stood in front of her handler. In the end, they did lose a few points but still managed to qualify for the next round. Watch her hilarious debut here.

Courtesy of @Ninecomau


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